The MPAA is kind of like that kid you used to beat up in school. You lift his jacket up over his head and he starts flailing and trying to hit everybody around him and then he falls down and cries. You can basically keep doing that until you get a detention, but it's SO worth it.

So now they're suing BitTorrent sites, which is kind of like trying to hit a fly with a stream of urine: sure, you might do some damage, but people are going to laugh at you and you're going dirty up the kitchen.

The Motion Picture Ass. of America (MPAA) will today launch a legal attack on BitTorrent users in a bid to prevent ripped DVDs being shared across the network. The lawsuit will target BitTorrent server operators, Reuters reports rather than downloaders, indicating this is less an assault on the technology and more on the people misusing it.


Good luck, guys.

UPDATE - This story is like 5,000 years old, but we still hate the MPAA.

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