MSI Doubles X340 Battery, Improves Keyboard, Drops Price

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When we reviewed MSI's X340 aka "the Unemployed Man's MacBook Air" back in May, we loved how slim it was, but were concerned by its poor battery life and flimsy-as-hell keyboard. It now looks like MSI has sweetened the deal.


According to Laptop Magazine, the standard battery has been upped from 4- to 8-cells (previously a $99 option), the keyboard "no longer acts like a trampoline", and the price has been dropped $100 (now $799) to boot. Core specs (Core 2 Solo SU3500 CULV, 2GB RAM, 320GB) remain the same.

Of course, the battery adds a little extra heft, but with the current 4-cell model being sold at about $749, the update seems like a decent deal. [Laptop Magazine]