MSI to Make Thinner Business Wind, Mobile Internet Device

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Following the Wind's success, and further advancing in the mini-laptop collective hysteria, Micro-Star International is planning a thinner version for business people, as well as a new, completely unknown smaller-than-a-mini-laptop mobile Internet device. According to Andy Tung, the business Wind will re-use the components of its predecessor, but focus on design:

On Intel's roadmap, there won't be any change in Atom until the second half of next year, so the microprocessor and chipset will be the same.


According to MSI, they will release the new business Wind next CES. They also said they don't want to compete with the MacBook Air in terms of specs, just make the Atom-based laptop thinner and more portable. Following this, MSI is planning yet another mobile Internet device with a 7-inch screen and a slide keyboard, designed for people who "want to surf the Internet wirelessly." Apparently, some of MSI's engineers fell into a time wormhole and are now trapped in the 90s. [Yahoo]

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@Numerous: Thanks for the link. At first I thought it was going to be an instant "trim shot." But this was good too, bro.