MSI Wind Gets Final Specs, Packs an Atom

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We've gotten the final specs on the Eee PC competitor from MSI called the Wind. The big news is that the sub-$500 Wind will be the first 10" laptop to pack Intel's new Atom processor, beating Asus to the punch by a couple of months. Maybe Intel's latest and greatest little chip will help the Wind reach its promised 2.5-hour battery life with a 3-cell battery (since the HP Mini Note and Lenovo U110 both fall short in the department). We're looking forward to finding out. Here are the full specs:

Illustration for article titled MSI Wind Gets Final Specs, Packs an Atom

Still, maybe the most important spec is the keyboard—it's 20% small than full-sized.

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@kibets: People who use Linux are generally types who want things for free or next to free. This is why manufacturers have low end linux systems with options like small battery, less RAM, no bluetooth or web cam. They can price the system to appeal to these individuals.

So it has nothing to do with them actually LIKING Linux? They just want free software? I'm sure our resident Ubuntu fans would disagree that it's only about it being free, though this is a major plus when it's quality software. You're also discounting all of those people who build their own systems to run Linux. One doesn't have to buy a low-end Dell preloaded with Ubuntu to get the penguin, and I'm willing to bet that a great deal don't.

Where as a Window's user is not afraid to shell out a bit more cash to get the high end features they are looking for.

And I suppose choices based on what works best for the individual mean nothing. I LERNT SUMFIN!