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Music discovery on Spotify sucks. It really sucks. It's amazing that you can listen to millions upon millions of songs for $10 a month, but trying to find something new is frustrating if all your friends listen to crap. Music Bloodline is your savior.

The Next Web just stumbled upon Music Bloodline, which is the coolest music discovery tool we've seen in a while. It catalogs artists according to who influenced who. Pretend that you're listening the same T. Rex record over and over because nothing else comes to mind. Head to Music Bloodline and look up T. Rex instead. There you'll find a bio, discography, and top tracks. There are even Spotify links, so you can listen to tracks and albums with a click. After clicking around on the site a little bit, you'll find loads of artists you'd never heard before—or at least artists you haven't listened to in a while. Stone Roses FTW.


Music Bloodline would feel much more seamless and awesome if it were built directly into Spotify as an app, but it's pretty awesome and we'll take what we can get for now. [Music Bloodline via The Next Web]

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