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According to All Things D, we shouldn't expect the music industry to play a major—or minor—part in Apple's presumed tablet announcement next week. That's not as surprising as it may sound.


No one expects the tablet to replace your iPhone or iPod Touch, much less the Nano or Shuffle. It's not, primarily, a music player. The iSlate (or whatever it'll be called) is going to useful for the content that takes advantage of its larger screen. So think e-books, newspapers, and of course video. The iTunes LP format might find a happy home on a tablet, but it's hard to see how that would become tablet-specific.


I'm sure eventually the music industry will find a way to make more money off of tablet devices, and that Apple will happily dictate the terms and take a big chunk of whatever that turns out to be. But for now, it's a safe bet that you won't see any Sony BMG execs lurking around at the Yerba Buena Center next week. [All Things D]

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