Music, Mustaches and Marijuana Collide In Idiotic LP Smuggling Attempt From 1979

Thanks to some moronic Jamaican and Canadian drug smugglers, the 1979 mustache patrol cracked down hard on LPs that had the rare distinction of being certified "pot."

Gizmodo '79 is a week-long celebration of gadgets and geekdom 30 years ago, as the analog age gave way to the digital, and most of our favorite toys were just being born.

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Okay kids, Pop Quiz Time!

1) If marijuana is pressed flat and inserted into an LP sleeve which is then inserted into an LP cover would you describe it as being pressed like:

a) an LP

b) a flat disk of marijuana

c) a pizza

2) Canadians talk funny

a) True

b) Very true

c) True, eh?

3) If you are going to import pot and try to avoid suspicion, it is least wise to hire smugglers that are:

a) From Jamaica

b) From Montreal

c) From Jamaica and Montreal