On the eve of giving up my BlackBerry for a shiny new iPhone 4 (hopefully), along comes Music WithMe, an app that syncs iTunes playlists to BlackBerry devices over Wi-Fi or 3G. Dammit, that sounds convenient.


There's not much else to it. Music WithMe, a new app which costs $15, after a free 30 day trial, will automatically suck over the iTunes playlists of your choosing, no USB cable required.

What's frustrating is that some ingenious developer devised just such an app for the iPhone, but it was quickly denied a place in the App Store and relegated to the jailbreak shadows. Presumably, Apple doesn't want somebody else doing i because they're working on such a service themselves, but for a while longer, at least, iPhones will remain pathetically chained to iTunes while BlackBerries (Blackberries!?) will enjoy carefree wireless syncing. Strange times. [Music WithMe]

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