Mustek Portable DVD Players

Any guess as to who will make the first portable Blu-Ray DVD player? I'll bet you anything that it won't be Mustek. But if you are in the market for a regular old portable DVD player, this company has a decent offering. The flagship MP100 supports Divx, has a 10-inch swivel widescreen LCD, and plays DVDs, CD/R/RW, MPEG-4, MP3's, digital photos and MMC/SD memory cards. Not bad for only $300. The two other players are a little cheaper. The MP70C ($135) and MP72 ($129) both have 7-inch LCD screens and can playback DVDs, MPEG4 files, music CD/R/RW, and photos.

Oh, the things we will see at CES. Did I mention that Gizmodo will be covering the show like a geeky guerrilla army?


Mustek To Spotlight 2006 Line of Portable DVD Players at CES [BusinessWire]

Specs and pricing for Mustek portable DVD players

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