Mustek TravelFoto Desktop Digital Photo Display/Alarm Clock

If you're out on the road and you forget what your honey looks like, this Mustek TravelFoto Desktop Digital Photo Display/Alarm Clock will pictorially remind you, and wake you up the next morning, too. However, its 128x128 pixel display is not going to be much for perusing your favorite porn, and given its 1.5-inch size, you might need a magnifying glass to truly enjoy it. That said, the company says you can fit 70 photos in its flash memory, while not specifying its exact capacity.

So is this going to be like that old joke where the woman complains about the shitty food at a restaurant, and then adds that the portions are too small? Perhaps so. But the small number of photos this unit can accommodate might be a good thing, since you must feed them into it via poky USB 1.1. On the upside, you'll know how long that transfer is taking by glancing at the time of day displayed on its LCD, and it even helpfully tells you the indoor temperature. It's all yours for $39.99, shipping next month. [Mustek]


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