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Mutant iPod nano+headphone Headphones: Feh

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

One of the more interesting gadgets at the Toy Fair wasn't actually a toy or for kids, but a set of headphones for the iPod nano from the newly formed Cold Fusion Entertainment. Forgoing the annoyance of cords and the battery problems of wireless headphones, you just stick your nano directly into the studio-style, collapsible headphones. Given the nano's size and weight (or lack thereof), they felt no heavier on my head than any others of that type.

Two major problems with the cans, though.

One, the sound wasn't that great—but for 20 bucks MSRP, what do you expect? The bigger problem, and why these probably won't catch on, is that every time you want access to your nano, you either have to pull it out or take off the headphones, complete destroying the set's hassle-free contrivance. Cool idea on paper, not so cool in practice.


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