My Boat's Got No Nose. How Does It Smell? That's Irrelevant

Oh. Dear. The Ady Gil trimaran, used by the Sea Shepherd organization to hunt down whalers, got itself an unexpected rhinoplasty yesterday, while buzzing around Japanese whaling vessel, the Shonan Maru, in the Antarctic waters of Commonwealth Bay.

One crew member suffered a couple of cracked ribs, but the rest of them were unharmed, and taken to the organization's support boat, the Steve Irwin. Let's hope there are no gigamuntic sting rays patrolling the seas at the moment.


[Daily Mail]

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You know this reminds me of an old story about pre Civil War times.

It is said that sometimes the more moderate abolitionists would lynch the radicals who would drive slaveholder rights advocates away from open discussion and debate regarding the ending ofslavery.

I guess what I'm saying is that if these hooligans really want the international community to get serious about this issue, these kinds of antics are not the best way to go about doing that.

Maybe they have a moral right to do it, maybe they don't, I'm not really weighing in on that, I'm just saying there are smarter and more effective ways to pursue their goals. Damn hippies.