[Updated for improved fairness] What the shit is this? I think New York Times' David Pogue just challenged the Internet to a gadget-video deathmatch. I just saw this video where he cranks an iPod speaker backpack to 11 in a quiet library, has a bikini'd babe dunk it in a hot tub, and finally drenches it in lighter fluid and sets it ablaze.

Kind of.

Actually, the video mockingly edits out the fun parts, in response to some blogger with a shitty sense of humor who compared his hijinx to the crap on America's Funniest Home Videos. (The blogger was NOT me, really. I call him a nutjob, but love the work. ) So basically, David Pogue just used the Grey Lady to flame a random blogger. How...bloggerish of him. Can't really blame him, though. What would you do if someone said your jokes reminded them of Bob Saget?


Back to the review. Usually, David Pogue, like other A-listers, only has to get off his butt to check out one gadget a week. (That is jealousy you're detecting, btw.) Given that pace, he usually finds something profoundly useful or cool to write about. The backpack is just underwhelming, as a product. And the accompanying story is a bit of a letdown, too. Nothing sub par, but not on level with the antics we've been treated to the last few weeks. Call us spoiled by the music videos and comedy routines paired with a-grade, up to the minute gadgets. It's too bad this one blogger set him off his pace.

He goes back for a three-peat of stories about converting media, and does the old standby story about how to put old analog tapes and records to CD and DVD. Dude, you did similar stories in November of last year, and you touched upon that not more than two weeks ago. To his credit, this one is more complete, actionable, and broken down by media type. But I hoped for something like a new CTIA phone inside the video. (Samsung Upstage, perhaps.)


Please, ignore the flame bait, drop the junk gadgets, and leave that fuzz to us. Because when you do meta/prank stuff like this, I'm scared for the security of my job. This low-brow stuff is my bread and butter, man. Leave me something to do.


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