The last two weeks of David Pogue videos on the NYTimes website have shown us that the guy has totally cracked. And he has more fun at work than we do.

First, last week's video. David, who just the week before, wouldn't stop going on about his love for MiniDV video tapes, this week reviews a gadget by Sony that transfers all "old tapes" to DVD. (Aha, you've come around to the idea that rewinding sucks.) He likes it, and reports it burned the occasional coaster. What's remarkable about it is watching the senior gadget journo's setup to his video review. Hit play if you want to see a grown man relive his 7th birthday, his prom, his learning to ride a bike, and even some crib time as an infant. Frightening, but I'm somehow entertained enough to watch it, I don't know, seven or eight times. Yesterday. OK, I'm totally obsessed with the non-standard format. Is this the NY Times?


Then, this week he does a whole infomercial on, in the biggest Pogue love fest I can remember.

The service, which allows you to fwd all calls from disparate numbers to all your phones at once, is free (for two lines) and allows niceties such as getting your phone to leave separate voicemails for different callers. The choice quote:

Leave one message for your boss, and anotha for your lovaaaaaaaa

[Sexy enunciation his, not ours!] I suppose he refrains from criticism because the service is free. What, no spam? Really?

I wish I had a camera crew.

We're still waiting for music videos gadget reviews from the former Broadway arranger.


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