My Eyes! The Goggles Do... Something?!

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MAKE brings up a good point this weekend. Burning Man is coming soon, and things get dusty there, amongst many other things. I have a friend going this year, so I may just make her a pair of these:

DIY Dust Goggles.

They're post-apocalyptic and cool and remind me of that Tim Burton CGI flick 9 coming out this fall. They also look easy enough to do in the short time I have before she heads off into the dusty Nevada wilderness for music, parties and unspeakable debauchery. These will surely help fend off the the dust. As for the rest of the event's festivities, well, that's what the clinic is for. [Windfire Designs MAKE]

And FYI: In case you missed it, the headline was inspired by this classic Simpsons moment: