My Fav Phone Apps at the Moment

Yes, the joy of weekend shift. That's 3 times in 6 weeks, you know. Anyhow, I've got a wedding to dash off to in a bit (not mine) but I've been using some cool stuff on my phone that you should try. Especially if you're at a wedding and are going to be fiddling with a gadget while everyone is doing the electric slide. Hypothetically.

Jott: Setup a free account, dial a number, leave yourself a voice message, and you get a transcribed note in your inbox for later reference. Easiest way to leave notes if you have an aversion to pencil and paper like I do.


ShoZu:Shozu plugs into media sites like Flickr and Youtube, so you can upload your stuff with a click or two. Works on plenty of phones, and plenty of media sites. I'd like more blogware interfaces, to be honest, but you can't complain about free ware.


Callwave: Callwave is that visual voicemail system Chen wrote about awhile back. Free, except your new voicemail system basically will spam your callers with a message. Worth it, though. I have my caller list and vmails in both my Dashboard widget and inbox. Soon, they'll have a text version that'll SMS your phone with an electronic transcription of your voicemail.

Slingbox: I've been playing with Slingbox's Windows Mobile client, too. Good stuff. But you all know that already.

When you look at all these great apps available on Java, Symbian and even (barf) Windows Mobile, its sad to think that certain glossy phones coming out in June won't have an open OS. What other apps have you been using on your phone?


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