MyFountain Should Be Our Bartender

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Following a night of light to extremely heavy imbibing, this morning has been a bit rough for certain members of the Gizmodo weekend crew writing this post. That's why we were just thrilled when the MyFountain, an advanced automated drink mixer, popped up in our RSS.

Storing 16 different chilled liquids, the MyFountain can simply dispense a brew, or mix perfectly portioned drinks at the touch of a few buttons. Through an LCD touchscreen, users can select their ingredients and measurements of choice, or allow the MyFountain to make suggestions based upon the (vile, evil, horrid) liquids on hand.


For those of us with little restraint, limits can be placed on output, with passwords managing different levels of access to the machine. Through a phone line (its only flaw), the MyFountain can even automate beverage orders. And when the stock needs replenishment, lines are automatically cleaned by the system.

Sure, it's intended for commercial use. But for $2,500 when released next year, it would put your neighbor's kegerator to shame. [product via technabob]