MyFountain Should Be Our Bartender

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Following a night of light to extremely heavy imbibing, this morning has been a bit rough for certain members of the Gizmodo weekend crew writing this post. That's why we were just thrilled when the MyFountain, an advanced automated drink mixer, popped up in our RSS.


Storing 16 different chilled liquids, the MyFountain can simply dispense a brew, or mix perfectly portioned drinks at the touch of a few buttons. Through an LCD touchscreen, users can select their ingredients and measurements of choice, or allow the MyFountain to make suggestions based upon the (vile, evil, horrid) liquids on hand.

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For those of us with little restraint, limits can be placed on output, with passwords managing different levels of access to the machine. Through a phone line (its only flaw), the MyFountain can even automate beverage orders. And when the stock needs replenishment, lines are automatically cleaned by the system.

Sure, it's intended for commercial use. But for $2,500 when released next year, it would put your neighbor's kegerator to shame. [product via technabob]


First of all, I would like thank you each one of you for taking the time to look at our website and comment here. Popular Science told us that the release date for everything was going to be on the 15th so we spent this weekend taking it easy and stress testing the machines.;-) We will be posting more on the website as the week goes. I would like to reply to your comments. FYI, the Lazy Drinker is infringing on our patents and the attorneys felt it is a waste of time going after them. We designed the machine with this engineering requirement: had to be easy as screwing in a light bulb, putting air into a tire and had to be as reliable as a light switch. That took a few years and many prototypes. Making a Caribou Lou's, simple, it can handle eight ingredients in a recipe. We can not be responsible for your dropping out of college. Instead, ask for one for a graduation present. All I use is top shelf liquor, I know where all my money is going and I can account for every drop. That is a cheap drunk. If you built a better machine do you want a job? The Virtual Bartender model can be as big as you want and hold as much as you want, check back at on our website and you will see what $2,500 gets you. Who is your brother, someone I would like to meet. Our smallest unit is 2 foot by 2 foot and self-contained. Designed for apartment living, plus it is portable so you can take it with you when it is time to get out of Dodge. Blending, that is optional. A true story, remember the big East Coast blackout? That was the day when we got the first prototype running, just when I was going to get my second glass of champagne, BOOOM! Yes, there is battery back in the XL model. lolol Cheers!