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Mysterious Wireless Guitar Hero Controller For Wii Surfaces

Illustration for article titled Mysterious Wireless iGuitar Hero/i Controller For Wii Surfaces

A reader in Michigan sent in this image he snapped at his local Wal-Mart of a hither-to unknown controller for Guitar Hero for the Wii called the Rage. None of us have heard of it, a Google search turned up nothing, and there's nothing on Wal-Mart's website about it, so it's a mystery. But it's a sweet looking one, with the box stating it's got the most realistic action yet, light-up LEDs on the fretboard, and a realistic looking wood-toned neck. Pretty sweet, though with the $54.78 price tag, you pay for the good looks. Thanks, James!


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Maybe is also compatible with rock band since it has those solo buttons...but looks pretty cool, though.