N-Gage Boss on PSP Phone: "We're Not Scared." Uh, Really?

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When asked whether or not he viewed the upcoming PSP phone as a threat to the N-Gage, Nokia games head honcho Jaakko Kaidesoja responded thusly:


"I'm not scared about anybody. The real question is how do they [Sony Ericsson] do it? Can they create a link between the PSP games and a phone? Can they do the multiplayer and online stuff? We've been doing this for two years and it hasn't been easy."

Is that the real question, or is it whether or not Nokia can do anything right and finally get a gaming platform off the ground? [Pocket Gamer]





I wish people would stop dissing the friggen old N-Gage get over it it's already like from 2002 it's sad. Did you even own one? Hold one do anything? No you didn't you listened to friggen press releases that stated oh blah blah it doesn't matter how good the games are (which they were) it's shaped like a taco therefore we don't like it! WTF I mean come on. How often do we give up looks to have good technology like everyday! I mean sure it was nothing in gaming comapred to the PSP and DS but the phone had A LOT more value than everyone granted it. Now I wish you people would get it INTO your heads that this isn't a friggen phone it's a software. Also in my opinion I find it funny that most of you would instult a phone for it's looks when I bet you haven't looked in the mirror and been satified with what you see since you were born, believe me no one was...

Last I checked nokia had over 40% market share and the N-Series was doing amazingly well. Oh guess what the N-Gage software is avaialable on what oh yeah the N-Series! Seriously the installbase is there and the early adopters are already there and the reviews are already there! This has the potential to be something great and I KNOW that loads of you that shunt it off now will claim that you were there from the begging supporting it or some crap! Bull ish! Please if you don't like it don't buy it but if you have a N-Gage compatible device you have absolutely nothing to lose the games demo's are free and you can even rent them should you think it a waste to buy. Also guess what the games are available as software therefore no boxes no shipping fee's no regions just gaming!

If you read up you would know Nokia have NOT made a mistake going into this. They have everything planned, marketing, value for money and big gaming companies EA ect. Not to mention the much hyped Project Rock which will be innovative!

@GFX-187: NOWHERE hahaha! My god sure if you say so...

@geekinky: The only reason you could possible have a cellphone as big as your foot is because you brought a cellphone that actually has something worth it. Duh they make small phones to. I'm happily using my Nokia 6500 Classic now with it's 1gb onboard memory and sleek looks, oh look at that it fits in my pocket oh it fits almost everywhere because it's SMALL!

@Serb: Bad? WTF you mean bad, I agree the games were expensive but bad... They definately weren't bad. All you need to do is go look on Gamespot and you'll see quite a few got good reviews.

@ThriftyTechie: Two people that own your phones... If your making a stab at the only N-Gage great going you used a joke that had stopped being funny ages ago, actually it's incorrect if you look at sales figures the old N-Gage didn't do terrible at all, it infact did very well for a PHONE. If you were making a joke of there current phones, don't be a idiot, currently the phones that support the N-Gage software is the N95 all versions, N93, N73, N96 (N95 Successor with 16gb onboard memory and HCSD exapandabilty {sure to sell excellently}) ect. ect. ect. If you think about it that's aleady a install base EASILY over 30 million. It's not hard for them to get the application all they need do is go to the website.

@Moonshadow101: WTF are you talking about. If Sony Erricson only bring out a PSP Phone as in it's a hardware and not a software, no matter HOW MUCH it sells it won't be a scratch on the N-Gage's surface. Big bug my ass! Tell you what N-Gage is gonna drop kick the child that tries to stomp it to heaven or hell (it deserves it killing a helpless bug)

Thanks for your time I enjoyed ranting, really I did!