N-Gage to Incorporate GPS and Cellphone Camera Into Games?

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According to NokNok, a meeting with Will Shen, N-Gage's Head of Production in North America, revealed that Nokia is looking to use GPS and cellphone camera functionality as a utility in games. In fact, Shen noted that any functionality a phone may possess could be used to make a game more interactive. For example, users could be asked to take photographs that would be analyzed by the game for relevance using "clever techniques," then "feed" those images to an in-game character.


Shen also noted that GPS functionality could be used for location based gaming, but stressed that they want to make sure that they are not spilling over the line that separates innovation from gimmicks. Obviously, we will have to wait and see if they can actually pull any of this off but, at the very least, Nokia fans should be pretty excited about the potential that the new N-Gage platform is bringing to the table. [NokNok]



The symbian OS, specifically on Nokias, have already had many camera based augmented reality games so it doesn't surprise me that Ngage will do the same. I have yet to see the same kind of camera based augmented reality from other phones except for on the Palm Treo.