N-Tune Guitar Tuner Offers On-Board Tuning

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Losing tuners comes more naturally to us than actually playing the guitar, which is why this N-Tune guitar tuner seems so great. It attaches under your guitar's volume knob and lights up to the appropriate key when you're in pitch. At $100 it's also $94 more expensive than the tuner we currently own, so we're going to have to lose a lot more tuners to justify buying one of these when it's available later this month. [N-Tune via BB Gadgets]


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"Hey you guys out front can you be quiet, I can't hear my tuning fork? This song is in drop D you see." Says the guy who doesn't know how to tune by tone.

*sigh* Alright. Here's how you do it: Remember that the 3rd string is also a D. Drop down the first string until the resonance between the 1st and 3rd smooths out.