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Nano Class Action Lawsuit - It SKWATCHES Too Much!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Jeepers creepers! The super sexy iPod Nano, designed to make its owners appear hip and happening, gets scratched something awful, even when you rub it with a paper towel. OK. I know we're soft on Apple over here, but that's because I'm a recent Switcher and this is kind of like the honeymoon period with the company until they piss me off enough. Anyway, listen, people: this isn't batteries exploding in your pants, this is the damn iPod Nano that scratches easily.

Steve Berman, lead attorney in the case, says that Apple chose to ignore a design problem with the nano before it was released and has since downplayed the complaints from owners. We intend to prove that in an effort to rush the iPod nano to the market, Apple ignored obvious defects in the design and later tried to cover up negative responses received from consumers, says Berman. We seek to recover money lost in purchasing this product as well as the $25 fee Apple has chosen to impose on those who have returned their product after it became unusable.

Damn, Mr. Berman, thanks for your help! Ladies and gentlemen, out of the goodness of his own, dark heart, Mr. Berman is going to represent US to Apple because his Nano screen scratched, he hit iLounge, found out lots of people had the same problem, and he saw some easy pickings. Here's how this is going to work out: class action suit will be filed, laughed out of court, and Mr. Berman is out $5000 for two hours work on the brief that he forced his paralegal to do.

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