Naruto Run! Some Guy Who’s Probably Going to Get Himself Killed Is the First ‘Storm Area 51’ Meme

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The original “Storm Area 51" Facebook invitation encouraged people to break into the secret government facility by doing a Naruto run. And now that the event is here (it’s supposed to happen today), it looks like some people are taking the instructions literally. Some random guy was seen on local TV news in Las Vegas yesterday doing a Naruto run in the background.

The Naruto run is named after the Japanese anime character Naruto Uzumaki, who throws his arms behind his back and runs face-first into danger. The U.S. Air Force has even been briefing their teams on the definition to prepare for this Storm Area 51 shitshow.


The TV news segment, which was filmed yesterday by the local ABC affiliate KTNV and is available on YouTube, was shot in Rachel, Nevada, one of the places where people are already gathering for what’s now being dubbed Alienstock.

Hopefully, nothing terrible happens this weekend, since the U.S. military has warned that they will protect their sites with force if necessary and the Air Force has closed off airspace around Area 51 this weekend. Two Dutch YouTubers were already arrested last week for trying to get too close to Area 51.


Gizmodo has a reporter on the ground in Nevada and we’ll let you know if they “see them aliens.”

While Alienstock has morphed from a joke flashmob into a weird riff on burning man, some attendees have arrived early to remind us that first and foremost this is a protest. Videos have started to appear online showing participants outside the gates in the pre-dawn hours brandishing signs demanding extraterrestrial freedom. Shit’s going to get weird.