National Geographic Travel Phone: Cheap Phone, Roving Number

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National Geographic is getting in to the phone market with their unlocked Quad band GSM cell phone. While the thing looks like it just popped out of 1998, it actually seems pretty useful.


What sets this guy apart, aside from only being $199? It lets you use the same UK based number no matter what country you're in. Usually you have to pop in a new local sim card when you change borders, which is accompanied with a different number. The only thing that's going to hurt is the flat $.90/minute outgoing calls. I guess it will be like calling from a hotel, where you just ask the person to call you back instead of racking up a huge bill.

Nat. Geo. Announces Affordable Global Cell Phone Coverage Solution [Yahoo!]

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@cjdshaw: Not charging for incoming calls would be great since I've roamed on GSM from the US to Canada, Iceland and Scotland with no problem except for the reaming out of my checking account.

It's a surreal feeling to be driving across the Scottish countryside, (on the wrong side of the road (and car)), have your cellphone ring, see the +1-612... phone number and know it's the guy in the car behind you calling to say we're stopping for a pee-break.