Nationwide No Texting Law Goes Into Effect For Buses and Trucks That Could Crush You

Illustration for article titled Nationwide No Texting Law Goes Into Effect For Buses and Trucks That Could Crush You

There isn't a nationwide ban on texting for regular drivers (yet), but starting today bus drivers and commercial truckers will have to put down the cellphone and concentrate on the road.


I think I speak for just about everyone that isn't a bus or truck driver when I's about damn time. I mean, you would be a dammed fool to text while driving any sort of vehicle, but when a big rig goes down there is a much greater potential for disaster (not to mention a bus full of kids). The new ban carries fines of up to $2,750. [Reuters via Crunchgear Image via cuteegroup]



So we have a law now to address the newest issue-du-jour, but it doesn't actually apply to the vast majority of drivers. It only applies to a minority made up of well-trained professionals who are the least likely to actually commit the offense.

People should not text and drive. They also should not tune the radio and drive. They also should not eat and drive. Nor should they drink coffee and drive. Nor should they look in the rearview mirror too much. Nor should they have discussions with their passengers while driving or ogle at attractive pedestrians... and a stick-shift is too distracting, so that should be outlawed too.

Most every driver commits at least one of these indiscretions occasionally. Those of us who pay attention and know what we are doing use our judgment and avoid accidents.

The biggest problem comes from people who can't drive safely even when they are paying attention. They tailgate. They cut people off. They drive like jerks, and they cause accidents.

If we required people to actually learn how to drive before giving them a license, we wouldn't need to micro-regulate everything. For myself, I will continue to drink coffee. I will continue to talk to my wife, and if I am stopped at a red light, I might even send a text message. If by some crazed stroke of bad luck one of these activities causes an accident, you can sue me, and maybe even put me in jail. Otherwise, stay off my bumper.