Navicore Personal Reviewed (Verdict: Small GPS is Nice)

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Well, I've trekked through the 12 stages of grief and come out a wiser man. I think I lost all my MySQL data unless someone knows of some way to mount a busted disk image. Oh well.

Your trek through LIFE—did you catch that segue?—needn't be as full of grief, however. The Navicore Personal GPS unit is a tiny GPS bluetooth dongle that its designed specifically for cars—a pedestrian version is pending. It includes a small battery and allows standard, Bluetooth-enabled phones to tap into the GPS feed and keep you on the right track.


Generally, it looks a little smaller than some other solutions we've seen but until they make GPS phone warez a little less goofy I'm steering clear.

Navicore - Navicore Personal [TrustedReviews]

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