Navigon GPS Navi iPhone App: Europe-Only Maps, $95 "Special Introduction Price"

Illustration for article titled Navigon GPS Navi iPhone App: Europe-Only Maps, $95 "Special Introduction Price"

We knew that iPhone OS 3.0 would bring navi apps, and that they'd cost plenty. Navigon just popped MobileNavigator Europe—no support for US roads, and a $95 pricetag that will soon go up.


Even though it only has European maps, Americans can still buy it in the app store. But you should only buy it if you live in Europe, or are going to spend a while traveling there. Navigon's PNDs were pretty decent (except for their POI search interface), so there's reason to believe the iPhone app will be decent. It's just that ominously, the iTunes promo says that $95 is a "special introduction price" that will only be around until June 30th.

I may have defended higher pricing in navi apps, but to tease us with an already high price is a little frustrating and God knows what it will jump up to after that. The real question remains: How much is Navigon gonna charge for MobileNavigator North America? [iTunes Store Link via FastCompany]


BergenCountyJC is rocking in the free world

For a one-time fee that has the ENTIRE North America maps, I would be willing to splurge a bit. However the updates must be free. I have a TomTom 720 but I would be more then willing to sell it to have the same functionality on my phone. Besides the cost of the app above is about the same you pay for TomTom map updates.