Navy SEAL Dogs Have TITANIUM FANGS (Updated)

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Navy SEAL dogs are badasses, yes. But did you know some of them have titanium fangs, designed to rip through enemy protective armor?

That titanium grill runs $2,000 per tooth. The end result, US military dog trainer Alex Dunbar tells The Daily, is that being bitten is "like being stabbed four times at once with a bone crusher." Hard. Core.


Update: All is not what it seems! Danger Room counters The Daily, speaking Jeff Franklin of Cobra Canine.

"They're not as stable as a regular tooth would be, and they're much more likely to come out" during a biting.

The only reason to have titanium teeth? Medical reasons, he says, like "if a dog breaks a tooth… it's the same as a crown for a human."

Um, how about lasers, then? [The Daily via Peter Hahaha]

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why does it cost so much... i swear the US govt shop around for the worst deals