NBA League Pass Coming To Apple TV, Too

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Sports fans now have double the reasons to think about getting an Apple TV: In addition piping in baseball games, the latest update to Apple's little black box will also let NBA League Pass subscribers watch live and archived games. Non-subscribers can still check scores and highlights from recent games. Cool for basketball fans for obvious reasons; cool for the rest of us just because it shows that Apple's still wrangling in new Apple TV content. [Apple TV, Image: saving107]




When they add the ability to watch any particular football game ala carte I'll bite. I rarely get to watch my favorite teams play. In fact.. I watch so few things on TV ala carte TV would be awesome! But the networks would never agree to that. The way it is set up now, they can keep pumping out all sorts of sub-par crap, and we have to pay for it all even though I literally watch less than %1 of it.