NBC Begins Heroes Cloning?

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Heroes' fourth season is months away from starting, but already NBC is apparently making moves to distract some of its core writing staff; Aron Coleite and Joe Pokaski have been signed by the network to contracts outside the show.

Variety reports that both writers have signed two year deals that not only cover their Heroes commitments, but also call for them to develop new projects for the network. Both writers - described as "great, imaginative guys who have impressed us over and over again," by NBC's Laura Lancaster - have been with the superhero drama since its start, and have both recently branched out into comics, working on Marvel's "Ultimate" line as it winds down its first incarnation.

Coleite, a co-executive producer on the series, and Pokaski, the fourth season's supervising producer, are both said to be already working on new ideas in conjunction with their Heroes duties and, for Pokaski, his work on new series Day One. No details about any potential new projects are available, but it'll be interesting to see whether this means we'll see more science fiction and genre series at NBC in the near future.


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