NBC Explains Why We Won't Have Headaches Watching 3D Super Bowl Ads Tonight

Advertisers promise "moving" 3D cameras will keep our eyes from jumping out of our skulls and running away in pain during the Big Game. Let's hope so, as there are two such ads planned tonight.

The NBC Nightly News clip below features the two ads, as well as the technology behind them. As much as the Reality Digital guy tells us the moving cameras will make the viewing experience "comfortable," I'm still seeing annoying paper glasses and blurry imagery, just like I did when they tried to revive this back in the 90s.


Bonus trivia: All Dreamworks animated films will be 3D from now on.

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And don't forget, we tackled 3D, glasses and all, back in November. Read it. [NBC Nightly News via I4U]

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