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NBC let a tantalizing little piece of info slip at a town hall meeting this week, where we find out the peacock will be the first U.S. television network to offer its nightly newscasts in high definition.

Never mind that nearly all the field reports will still be in good ol' standard definition, starting in March we'll get to see every mole and pore on Brian Williams's face as he reads the teleprompter from the 30 Rock studio on his NBC Nightly News. The network also revealed that early next year, we'll begin to see the use of HD cameras in the field, so it's still going to be a while before any newscast is all-HD, all the time.


The final frontiers of HD have long been newscasts and commercials, and after last Sunday's Super Bowl with its mostly-HD commercials and now with NBC leading the way with its HD newscasts, what's left? Home Shopping Network in HD?

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