Like seriously, they're living up to the Big Chap name on this one. It's massive, and it looks gorgeous!

This whopping new 'Deluxe' edition of the titular xenomorph from the first film in the Alien franchise is over 22 inches tall. Check out the prototype model in all its glory below:


Take it away, Mr. Antilles.

As you can see it's very specifically the Big Chap variant of the Alien from the original Alien, not a weird double jointed leg in sight, and it looks spectacular. Even in an unpainted prototype form, the detailing you can see is remarkable, all the little ribbing and pipes. And the ridiculous level of articulation is definitely appreciated on a figure of this size, so you can pose it to your hearts content. Even the damn jaw is moveable, so you can open it up and move the creature's secondary mouth out, ready to munch on unsuspecting victims.

The Deluxe Big Chap doesn't have a price tag on it yet, but is due out in June — so expected more information and some painted pictures of this behemoth in the near future.

[via Toy News International]

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