NECA's First Ever Sarah Connor Figure Is Totally Badass

NECA have had the license to make Terminator toys for so long, it’s bizarre to think that we’re only just getting a Sarah Connor figure from them. It looks like it’s worth the wait though, because this is pretty much the ultimate badass Linda Hamilton figure you could ever want.

The figure was revealed at SDCC this past weekend, tucked away among a bevy of other announcements from the company, and like their recent Alien figures with Ripley, is the companies’ first attempt at a movie-accurate likeness of Sarah as she appears in Terminator 2.


Coming in at 7” tall, Sarah comes with a rifle, knife, pistol and shotgun to shoot and/or slice her way through your action figures, and three different heads—one with her hair down, one with just her pony tail, and a third with a cap and glasses. God knows what you’ll want to do with your spare severed heads of Linda Hamilton when you’re not using them, but it’s nice that there’s a choice.

There’s no price on Sarah Connor yet, but you’ll only have to wait a little longer to get her—she’ll be out in November.


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