Need Medicinal Cannabis? There's an App For That

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From the strange world of approved and rejected Apple App Store apps comes word today that Apple has approved a medicinal Cannabis location app for the iPhone and iPod touch.

And good on them, I say. Medicinal Cannabis use works, alleviates pain, and allows people who need some serious stress relief—say, from cancer—to get that relief and feel great doing it.

The app is based on, which has existed for a while as a legitimate medicinal Cannabis location site on the Web. In fact, once you download the app to your iPhone, you have a veritable smorgasbord of legal Cannbis services at your fingertips:

Once you have received your medical cannabis recommendation from a qualified physician, you will need to locate an organization that can provide you with medical cannabis. Access the Cannabis application again. Press locate. The nearest medical cannabis collectives, cooperatives or facilities will appear with little green dots on a map of your current or selected location. Get real-time door-to-door directions. Add the locations' details to your iPhone contact list.

If the unfortunate happens, and you find yourself in legal trouble over your medicinal herb, pull out your cannabis application once again. Pin point local attorneys who specialize in marijuana-related offenses.


And one more thing... If you need medicinal marijuana and don't live in one of them wonderfully progressive hippie states, like California, there's an app for that too. This one:

Not living in a medical cannabis state? The only way to make cannabis change is to take action. Your new iPhone application will locate the nearest cannabis-reform group so you can get involved.

If you're suffering, and get approval from a doctor, get some herb. This $3 app will help you keep tabs on where to get more when it's all out. Ed note: And yes, my newly promoted commenter friend, you might have to be high to pay three bucks for such an app. But, if you're new to an area... [ - Thanks, Cheryl]

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