Nerdgasm: Watchmen Trailer Hits Web a Day Early

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Here it is, my friends: the first trailer for one of the most highly-anticipated comic book film adaptations ever. Yep, it's the trailer for Watchmen that's debuting before The Dark Knight. Directed by Zack Snyder of 300 fame, it's sure to be the biggest fanboy magnet of the decade. The trailer is due to hit the web tomorrow, but Empire put it up early by accident before quickly pulling it down. Not quickly enough! So, what say you? Does it meet your excruciatingly-high expectations so far, or do you already think it's ruined the greatest graphic novel EVAR? It looks pretty badass from where I'm sitting; hit the jump to judge for yourself. Update: Apple has it in full HD glory; our high-quality embed is still after the jump.



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Wow, I've been reading the Wiki entries on Watchmen . . . There's a surprising amount of information there, if people who've never read the book are curious. But not enough to spoil the novel, because it's presented in a very, very dry manner. Anyhoo, I'm really excited and will DEFINITELY pick up the novel before the movie comes out.

After reading about Dr. Manhattan, I was surprised to read that at one time they wanted to cast Arnold friggin' Schwarzenegger in the role. Somehow I can't picture the governator as a brilliant quantum physicist turned all-powerful being.