There's a reason brands like Nerf and Tonka are popular with parents: it's because they're almost impossible for kids to destroy. So Marblue decided to take a similar approach with its headphones designed for kids, by making the frame out of nearly indestructible foam. And of course, they called them Headfoams.

Available in bright orange, blue, or purple finishes for $40 a pair, the Headfoams look right at home amongst the loud, gaudy adult headphones you'll find in stores today. So you can fool your kids into thinking you're letting them use grown-up electronics, when in reality the Headfoams are designed to survive the rigors of day-to-day kid life.

And since they've been engineered to ensure sound never goes past 85 decibels, your kids aren't going to be able to destroy their hearing and have a valid excuse for not hearing you tell them to take out the garbage. [Marblue via designboom]


Photos courtesy designboom