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Nest Can Now Talk To Your Lights, Locks, and More

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This morning, Nest continued its ongoing march towards connecting every last gadget you own to its platform, announcing 15 new partners in its Works With Nest developer program. Coming soon? Everything from fridges to light bulbs.

Works With Nest is the company's bid to dominate the entire smart home market—by connecting third party partners with its software. The program already includes dozens of major brands and devices, making it possible for your thermostat or Protect alarm to serve as a central hub in your home's broader network. Launch partners included Jawbone, which can communicate with the thermostat to let it know when you wake up and go to sleep, and Whirlpool, which will time your dryer cycle to finish up when you arrive home.


Today at CES, Nest announced that one in ten Nest customers are using the integrations—and 5,000 developers are working on projects with the company's program, too. Here are the new additions, some of which will be available now, and others of which will come this spring.

  • Phillips Hue lightbulbs—along Lutron lighting products, Stack, and OSRAM/Lightify—can now be programmed to flash or change color when smoke or CO is found by your Protect.
  • When you leave, Nest will tell your LG fridge to go into energy saving mode.
  • August Smart Locks will automatically cue your thermostat to warm up when you enter your house, and vice versa. Another new smart lock partner: UniKey's Kevo.
  • Automatic, the smart car device, will do the same thing—but based on when you turn your car off and on near home.
  • The internet-based home phone service, Ooma, is also a partner—it can be programmed to call emergency services if an alarm goes off, or forward your calls when you're away.
  • A cadre of smaller smart home companies have joined the program, and Insteon is the latest.
  • Zuli smartplugs are another new partner—they can now tell your Nest where in your home you're using electricity.
  • Withings also added its Aura Sleep System to the program, basing Nest's daily schedule on your sleeping habits.
  • Beep Dial will turn down your music automatically if your Protect issues an alert.
  • Big Ass Fans is another new partner, with Nest able to tell its fans to blow hot air downward in the winter, saving energy on heating.
  • The EV charging company Chargepoint will work with Nest's energy-saving rewards program, with Nest able to tell home stations when energy prices spike.