Netflix Goes Blu-ray

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Netflix has just announced that they will exclusively purchase Blu-ray DVDs instead of HD DVDs for their hi def rental option. While the company had formerly supported both formats, their stock of HD DVDs will be phased out completely by the end of this year. Netflix clearly agrees with everyone else that HD DVD is dead, and disco is happy to finally have some company. [reuters]


I don't quite understand the motive behind this announcement. If HD-DVD is really a goner and the remaining 2 exclusive studios will also turn to the Blu side, then there probably won't be any sales of HD-DVD discs by the end of the year, making it effectively impossible for Netflix to stock HD-DVD anyway. OTOH, if by divine intervention HD-DVD somehow pulls out of this and some studios remain exclusive to HD-DVD, then it would hurt Netflix to NOT stock those discs.

I guess they're imagining a world where there won't be any HD-DVD only studios, but some studios will continue to sell both formats, and they're trying to help to put the final nails in HD-DVD's coffin.