Netflix Is for HDTV Buffs, Hulu for Computer Geeks

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Nielsen recently polled 12,000 netizens and asked them about Hulu and Netflix. The survey results suggest that Netflix users are movie-watching HDTV buffs, while Hulu users are TV show-watching computer geeks.


According to Nielsen, Netflix users tend to watch only movies (53%) on their HDTVs via a gaming console (50%). Only 11% of subscribers watch only TV shows on the streaming service. Hulu users, however, prefer the computer (89%) to the big screen and watch mostly TV shows (73%).

Overall, online streaming is exploding. Viewers watched a record 15 billion videos online in May 2010 which is a staggering amount of content flowing through the intertubes. [Nielsen]

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Ben Zvan

I'm an HDTV buff, but I don't want to pay to stream something I can stream for free. This has me curious though...I watch Hulu on my Mac Mini connected to my HDTV...where do you suppose they'd have put me in the statistics? If the data was automatically gathered, my system might look like someone watching on a computer since my TV does not do Hulu natively.