Netflix Set-Top Box Rumor Will Not Die

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Following closely on the heels of its April 11 announcement that Bruce Willis' band will headline a concert series that I, for one, will not be attending, Netflix today announced the appointment of Anthony Wood, founder of both ReplayTV and Roku, as VP of Internet TV.


That means a Netflix set-top box, right? Follow the jump for unclarification.

Although the press release stresses that Wood's role will be to strengthen Netflix's budding Internet video platform—Watch It Now—currently available only on PCs, it couldn't help but mention that a) Netflix was "expanding its selection of instantly viewable content and [would] work to bring the feature to all Internet-connected screens, from cell phones to PCs to plasma TVs" and b) that "Wood is best known as the creator of the digital video recorder."

On the other hand, wasn't ReplayTV's latest version a software-only product? By then it was out of Wood's hands, but it definitely serves as a reminder that entering into the set-top box fray between the Comcasts and Verizons of the world may not be the best play, even for a powerhouse like Netflix.

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I would kill to get one of these. I've been a member of Netflix since mid-'99 and I've pretty much seen every movie I've really ever wanted to see. And there haven't been too many good new ones in the last few years. So recently I've been pulling the TV series that I missed. Being able to stream down episodes of shows would be great. I haven't really tried their Watch It Now stuff since it requires WMP and IE and I don't really like watching TV on my computer.

I've also got 3 ReplayTVs strewn about my house, and these are just about the greatest things I've ever bought. Add on DVArchive and it's perfect.

The combo of Netflix and the guy who created ReplayTV couldn't be a better paring.