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Netflix Streaming on PS3: Coming Soon

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Uh, holy crap? As prayed/predicated, Netflix streaming will be available "later this year" on the PS3. Like the Xbox 360, it'll be free with the $8.99-a-month plan. Unlike the 360, you'll enable Netflix via an "instant streaming Blu-ray disc."


Apparently, the free disc activates the Netflix mojo via BD-Live, in what must be the best use of BD-Live ever. At least until the next major system update, you'll have to load up the disc every time you want to use Netflix. But you'll be able to pick out movies or throw stuff into your queue using an onscreen interface, so there's no going back to the old-school days where you had to add stuff to your queue on your computer before strolling over to your Xbox and TV.

Pop on over to Netflix to reserve the disc now—I have a feeling there's gonna be a huge demand crush for them. [Netflix, Sony, Thanks Kyle B!]