It used to be the only way to trick children into falling asleep before the shiny ball on TV lowered at midnight on New Year's Eve was to find a ball drop in a different time zone or record one from a previous year and hope no one noticed. But 2015 is a year of wide-ranging possibilities! Netflix has devised a new way to shut down New Year's Eve early for sugar-addled young people.

Starting today, parents or slightly tipsy babysitters can trick children into thinking 2015 begins early by playing a pre-recorded three-minute countdown featuring hyperactive dancing lemur royalty King Julien from Netflix's All Hail King Julien children's series.


According to a poll conducted for Netflix, 34 percent of parents already trick their children into going to bed early on New Year's Eve, so this tool for flagrant trickery will likely be a welcome option for parents, at least until the deceived children grow old enough to become aware of the hollow falsehood of their memories and start considering New Year's Eve as a persistent testament to the unreliability of received truths. [Time]