The humor on display might grate fans looking for a more serious Voltron cartoon, but according to one of the show’s executive producer, Lauren Montgomery, the series will honor the nostalgia and innocence of the original Voltron cartoon while using darker elements that were found in the original anime the show was adapted from, GoLion:

We rewatched the original, and went back and watched GoLion. Although the imagery is the same, there are some pretty different themes in the [GoLion] stories. It almost hews a little closer to Game of Thrones. There’s some crazy stuff that happens, and it’s pretty dark.

But it also had higher stakes as far as drama. So we cherry-picked those while trying to keep some of the fun lightheartedness of what Voltron was for us as kids.


This first trailer definitely focuses on the lightheartedness more than anything, though. But we’re not that worried—Montgomery and her fellow co-producer Joaquim dos Santos also co-produced Legend of Korra, another animated series that managed to frequently be goofy but still have major dramatic stakes.

All 10 episodes of Voltron: Legendary Defender will be available on Netflix from June 10th.