Netflix's The Rain Trailer Shows the Horror of a Precipitation Post-Apocalypse

Angela Bundalovic in The Rain.
Angela Bundalovic in The Rain.
Screenshot: Per Arnesen (Netflix)

The first teaser for The Rain offered up only glimpses of the Danish-made horror drama coming to Netflix. A new trailer just dropped, and it gives a deeper glimpse of what life is like in a world where water from the sky killed millions of people.


Today’s The Rain trailer shows us how the two siblings at the core of the drama—Simone (Alba August) and Rasmus (Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen)—have been living in a bunker for six years to escape the death rain. When they emerge from it, they’re set upon by fractured groups of survivors.

It seems like any contact with water in open air can still be potentially dangerous, making this particular sort of apocalypse an especially fraught one. Based on the scientist dad’s line in the trailer, Rasmus might have some kind of special immunity to the virus that’s decimated the country. We’ll learn more when The Rain hits on May 4.

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A Lantern of Hope

I kinda wish Netflix would lighten up on all the dewm and gloom.