Netflix's Witcher Prequel Recasts Sophia Brown in the Lead Role

Jodie Turner-Smith had to step down from The Witcher: Blood Origin because of a scheduling conflict.

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Sophia Brown (right) joins The Witcher universe in Blood Origin’s lead role.
Sophia Brown (right) joins The Witcher universe in Blood Origin’s lead role.
Photo: Netflix

A bard knows better than anyone: the show must go on. Netflix has announced that Sophia Brown (The Capture) has been cast in the lead role of The Witcher prequel, Blood Origin, taking on the part after Jodie Turner-Smith stepped down earlier this year.

In an emailed press release, Netflix revealed that Brown would be playing the part of Éile, the protagonist of Blood Origin. According to the character description, Éile is “an elite warrior blessed with the voice of a goddess, [who] has left her clan and position as Queen’s guardian to follow her heart as a nomadic musician. A grand reckoning on the Continent forces her to return to the way of the blade in her quest for vengeance and redemption.” Look out Jaskier, there’s a new bard for us to fall in love with!

Brown is replacing Turner-Smith, who left Blood Origin in April because of a scheduling conflict. She now joins Michelle Yeoh, who was recently cast as the last remaining sword-elf Scían, and Laurence O’Fuarian as the warrior Fjall. Together, they’ll tell the story of the first Witcher and the events that led to the merging of elves, humans, and monsters—better known as the “conjunction of the spheres.”


The Witcher: Blood Origin is helmed by Declan de Barra alongside executive producer (and The Witcher showrunner) Lauren Schmidt Hissrich. It’s the latest in a series of expansions to Netflix’s Witcher universe, which includes an anime about Geralt’s mentor Vesemir called Nightmare of the Wolf. No release dates have been announced for any of the projects, including season two of The Witcher. Luckily, we’re sure to get more news about The Witcher during Netflix’s upcoming Witcher Con, which happens on July 9. In the meantime, keep tossing those coins. My guess is the Witcher still needs them.

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