New 1080p Slingbox Makes Unexpected Debut at Best Buy

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Zats Not Funny spotted what appear to be two new models of the Slingbox at Best Buy. The Slingbox 350 and Slingbox 500 would be the first refresh of the Internet streaming box in ages. It's about time!


Whereas the old Slingboxes streamed TV from your living room to wherever you are at standard definition and 720p, the new boxes will beam it over the interwaves at 1080p. According to the report, it appears that the beefier 500 model has built-in Wi-Fi, which is long overdue, as well as an HDMI output, remote, and USB storage. The folks at Best Buy told Zatz that the new Slingboxes should be available mid-month. [Zat Not Funny!]

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Ehhh.. colour me excited when Vulkano (Slingbox competitor sold on Amazon) makes a new announcement. Vulkano is priced from $99, already had wifi support in its cheapest models, has a $12 mobile app & uses much more reliable hardware.

While Slingbox should be thanked for the innovation they made in this market, they still are far behind in tech and ridiculously overpriced. There is no reason why after shelling out $300 for Slingbox media streaming.. that you should get raped again by paying $30 for their mobile app.

Its amazing more people dont know about Vulkano.