New 11.6-inch MacBook Air Coming This Fall?

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It looks as though Apple's long-neglected MacBook Air may finally be getting an overhaul. According to DigiTimes, an 11.6-inch Air is going to be on sale before the end of the calendar year.

It should be noted, first off, that DigiTimes has a relatively poor track record with this type of thing. But regardless of how solid their information is, there's no question that the timing is right for a MacBook Air refresh. Apple's left their ultraportable unattended since 2008. And while its competitors are jumping on Intel's ULV Core processors to crank out thinner, faster competitors, Apple's offering in the thin and light space looks downright outmoded. And given that Apple historically refreshes its Macbooks around October, the timing is right.


So whether DigiTimes actually knows for sure that a manufacturer named Quanta has orders to pump out 400,000-500,000 MacBook Airs by the end of the year, or whether they're just going off of good ol' common sense, it'd still be a major surprise if Apple let its thinnest laptop waste away for another year. [DigiTimes via AppleInsider]

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Really, it needs to be smaller. The current 13" Macbook Pro is thin and light enough to make the MBA's boasts pointless, on top of being cheaper, more powerful and having an actual array of ports to access and built-in optical.

It's too bad that Apple would likely not opt to simply do away with rotating media in favor of having an all-SSD option.