New AT&T BlackBerry Bold Release Date: Oct. 2

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Even though giddy AT&T employees gushed to us all about the BlackBerry Bold price and release date they'd been told when they caught a peek at ours, it looks like the dudes on top have decided to push the launch date back a bit, to Oct. 2—possibly to iron out some issues. But, stores will be allowed to start ordering them on Sept. 24, meaning if you're in good with your local store, you might be able to grab one a little bit before the Oct. 2 street date Boy Genius is touting. The $299 price still looks solid, though. [BGR]



Battery life has to be at least 1 and a half days of full use or RIM won't release their products. Wifi of course kills battery life way faster, along with your bluetooth headset and nonstop chatting.

Kinda glad they took the time to work the kinks out. If it was released when we first received the test units, people would be reacting like this was an iPhone or something (read:buggy).

And the screen may seem small but if you hold one in your hands, you will see how crisp it looks. Pictures can not do it justice. Watched a few HD vids. CLEAN

Keyboard? No one in their right mind can claim that having a touch keyboard can be faster than an ACTUAL keyboard.