New ATI X2900 XTX Shames Nvidia 8800 to Second Place

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I like it when rumors jibe with each other, and the latest ATI rumblings seem to go hand in hand with the initial X2900 XTX leak we posted on last month. The difference is this time around the card has been benchmarked. So just as a recap, this is the card that could power those 8-core Macs we've been promised. It has an 800MHz core and a gigabyte of DDR4 memory. The folks at VR-Zone pitted it up against Nvidia's GeForce 8800 GTX and...


the Radeon zoomed by Nvidia's flagship, beating it 9700 to 9500 in 3DMark06. To geek out on how the card was tested, hit the link below. Otherwise all you gotta know is that it's expected to come out mid-April, around the same time as those new Macs. I like it when rumors jibe with each other.


Retail R600XTX Pictured and Benchmarked [VR-Zone via Electronista]

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You had better believe they are. It's just a one-upsmanship contest they've been having the last few years or so. At least since Direct3D took a foothold as defacto PC graphics API. (I will always hate M$ for inventing it). I kinda wish we had another company in the fray. I really don't think they're competitive enough by themselves anymore. They're only looking over their shoulder for the other guy. They need to worry. I'm sure the profit margin for vid cards has done nothing but increased since 3dfx, Matrox and S3 decided they didn't want to play in the market anymore and left these two to their own devices.

I've always favoured nvidia over ATI but they've certainly made me look twice more than once. That is until I met Gelato - hell-O!